Extended Warranty

Convenient out-of-warranty protection. Total peace of mind.

Used Car Extended Warranty

We’ve all heard many times that a car is likely the second biggest purchase we’ll make after a home. Maintenance and repairs can also be expensive, and unexpected. The price of an out-of-warranty repair can easily be more than the cost of an extended warranty.

Many Canadian drivers aren’t aware that they can buy a used car extended warranty. It’s a common misconception that an extended warranty can only be bought on a new car, and only when the vehicle is first purchased. For peace of mind, we offer extended warranties on all our vehicles!

To protect your vehicle and more importantly a possible shock to your finances, we offer a selection of extended used car warranties that give you uninterrupted coverage for parts and labour for many years or thousands of kilometers after the factory warranty expires. Our extended used car warranties kick in after the standard factory warranty expires.

For your convenience the cost can be included in your monthly payments or paid in full at the time of purchase. All of our vehicles are rigorously reconditioned! But for that ‘Total Peace of Mind’, the cost of a used car extended warranty is well worth the investment.


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