Refer A Customer

Get a 1-Week Vacation for TWO

Know someone that's looking for a new vehicle, and wants the best value on the market? What if you could help make that happen, and receive a 1-week vacation for two in return?

How do you get a free vacation?

Refer a customer to us! When your referral buys a vehicle, you'll receive a 1 week travel voucher for two, and you only need to pay for airline fare. It's as simple as that!

Destinations Include

Vallarta, Mexico
Los Cabos, Mexico
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Cancun, Mexico

And many more!

There are no catches here

Your 1-week vacation cost will be covered, except for the airline fees. You won't be watching any timeshare presentations. You won't be staying in a terrible hotel or resort. You get 1 week in a world class vacation destination. And of course, a grateful friend/coworker/family member for helping them get into a great new vehicle!

Let us help you get that vacation you deserve.

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