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The team at VLCI was the most professional, knowledgeable & friendly sales staff I have ever met. It was a pleasure to do business with them. When it is time to replace one of our vehicles, VLCI will be our first stop. Thank you.


2015 BMW M4

Good customer service. If you are looking for a good selection of used cars this is the place to look. The team was great to work with and I highly recommend VLC.


2015 MACAN S

I recently purchased a vehicle with VLC. I traded in my vehicle for an upgrade and was given great value for the trade. The team was very professional and knowledgable. He was able to assist me regarding information on a variety of vehicles in order to make the best purchase for me. Throughout this very smooth process I felt that my needs and level of satisfaction as a customer were always top priority. Not only was he a pleasure to work with, but the information provided, response times (including getting back to me via text/email) and overall experience was exceptional to say the least. The other staff that I encountered at VLC were also very personable and knowledgeable, as they were willing to help or direct you promptly. The atmosphere was positive and welcoming without any pressure to make decisions. I highly recommend VLC the next time you are thinking about trading in or purchasing a new vehicle.


2012 AUDI A5

My experience with VLC was excellent. From beginning to end, the entire team had great communication skills that made my experience with VLC memorable. In addition to great service, the 2012 Audi A5 is perfect and the car that I was searching for. Excellent dealership with excellent people.



I have been going to VLC for my car needs for almost 10 years now. I have always found them beyond helpful, providing exceptional service and honest advice. This experience was no different. Started talking to them about a month ago on what I am looking for, they found the right car. I am very pleased to say the least. Thank you VLC.


2014 GLK 250BT

From the moment I walked into the lot, until the moment I drove away, I felt very comfortable with the entire experience. After pulling into the lot, went and started checking out the vehicles I had my eye on parked outside. After a few minutes, just enough time to look at my leisure, a salesman approached and we started talking. No pressure, no BS, just asking questions and getting straight answers. From there, arranged a time for a test drive, and later, went for a test drive solo to allow me to drive without distraction. Long story short, ended up purchasing the vehicle, at a very reasonable price with little haggling needed, and the rest of the details were worked out with little fuss or delays. Would definitely go back for my next car.



Car could have been cleaner but overall performance of staff and manager alike is exceptional, friendly, diligent, and to the point, will jump backwards to meet your expectations, a safe bet, recommended.


2014 BMW X6

The team at VLCI is highly knowledgeable in automobiles and therefore very helpful in answering any questions that you might have. They provide customer-centred service and willing to attend to your needs if any concerns arise. I purchased my X6 from VLCI and left the dealership with a smile on my face. Highly recommendeded!


2014 CLA 250

I had such a great experience at VLC and it couldn't have been better. The customer service was great, and I got a really great deal for my car!


2011 VW GTI

The team at VLC were awesome in assisting me with my purchase. Very patient and not at all pushy with me as I made my decision. I bought a car that was much lower price than most vehicles on their lot but they didn't treat me any differently. The whole team was great with communicating and answering any of my concerns while being able to help me with any of the questions I had concerning the payments. Very happy with my first purchase and will for sure keep VLCI on my radar when it comes time to purchase again. Recommending to anyone I know looking to buy a new vehicle!


2013 BMW 650XI

The whole process was fluent and clear, it only took less than one week from the first visit to picking up the ride. This place has sick inventory so go take a look even if you don't need a car. They're all welcoming, friendly and sincere. Their entire team was was patient and professional. Would recommend.



I purchased a Chevy Volt from VLC where they provided excellent customer service. I recommend VLC to my friends.