Yes, It’s that time again.

Does winter weather mean forgoing your luxury car for the FWD truck? Village Luxury Cars says “No”. This winter drive the car you love with the addition of winter tires. Winter tires allow you better handling on the ice and snow covered roads. And this year, Village Luxury Cars is striving to keep their customers safe and in the cars they love to drive.

All-Season Tires vs. Snow Tires

All-season tires are fine for the warmer months; however experiments and studies show that winter tires are much safer on the snow and ice. All-season tires in the snow lack traction compared to dedicated snow tires. A recent study showed snow tires improved performance on snow and ice covered roads; especially during braking and cornering, when snow tires improved performance by up to 5 and 20 percent respectively.

Low Tire Pressure

For every 5 degrees Celsius the temperature drops, the pressure in a tire will drop by one pound per square foot. Your overall fuel efficiency can be affected by being off as little as 3 lbs on your tire pressure, but more noticeably around 10 lbs or more. Winter tires are made for the cold, allowing you the luxury of fuel efficiency while saving you the time of adding air to your tires all season long.

The Cost

Winter is the time of year where most car accidents occur-causing many drivers to see spikes in insurance rates. Not only do snow tires save you money by reducing your chance of an accident, but by reducing the wear of your tires. Keep in mind that having two sets of tires isn't doubling the expense, it's halving the wear. You'll have twice the number of tires but buy new ones half as often. Winter tires are notorious for losing mpg as their tread patterns often create more resistance, however not all winter tires are created equal. Speaking to an expert at Village Luxury Cars can help you find the best winter tires to save on fuel.

Tips for the Season

  • Make sure you buy four tires; skimping and putting winter tires only on the drive end of the car will result in unpredictable handling and could be dangerous.
  • Make the switch to winter tires around November and back to all-season or summer tires around April—winter tires' softer rubber compounds wear quickly in warmer temperatures.
  • Store off-season tires in a cool, dry area out of the sun, and consider wrapping them in black plastic bags to reduce oxidation.

Investing in winter tires this year for your luxury vehicle is highly recommended by Village Luxury Cars. Winter tires allow you to drive your luxury vehicle in the winter months with safety while saving you money in the long run.