Why Choose a Registered Car Dealer?

As a regulated business, dealers are obligated to ensure that the vehicles they sell meet certain basic requirements. That means the brakes, lights and emissions systems work properly. The car must also meet all safety requirements. And the dealer is compelled to be truthful about a vehicle and is prohibited from misrepresenting it. Failure to do so can lead to large fines. A CarProof report should always be available with each vehicle.  While this does not always assure your satisfaction, or even the reliablility of a vehicle, regulations (Ontario Motor Vehicle Council Industry) give you and the dealer a set of rules. It is easier, to seek remedies if the vehicle you purchase has been misrepresented, intentionally or not. Unlike a private party who may sell one used car every few years, one factor that all franchised and independent dealers have to consider is their reputation in the community. If they upset you or intentionally mislead too many people, they will lose business. At Village Luxury Cars, we don't sell cars that just pass those basic requirements. Our cars are fully inspected top to bottom, inside and out for any defects. They also go through a complete reconditioning and detailing process to ensure they are nothing less than perfect when you take it home. We make it right the first time, our reputation depends on it.