Tips For Buying Your Kid’s First Car This Christmas

They grow up so quick. A moment ago they were tumbling over their legs, learning how to walk, and now they’ve got a spiffy G1 or G2 and a desire to hit the open road. Naturally, as a parent, you’re going to worry about your precious angel behind the wheel of a car, but you also want to show them that you care about their development, and support their independence.

Nothing makes a kid go bananas quite like receiving a car for Christmas – at Village Luxury Cars we’ve sold a lot of cars, and we can attest to this definitely being the case. It’s a present that is guaranteed to make their jaw drop to the floor, and stay there well into the New Year. But, unlike buying them a video game for Christmas, this gift takes a little more thought and research, which is why we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you buy your kid’s first car this Christmas.

Check The Safety Ratings

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Of course your kid will want the flashiest luxury car around, and of course you want to give them what they want – there are many, many luxury options out there that have phenomenal safety ratings, in areas like “roof strength”, “head restraint and seats”, “front crash prevention” and “side strength”. Top luxury brands like Audi and BMW routinely get the top safety ratings, but as a general rule of thumb: the bigger, the better. You’re more than welcome to come down and check out our collection of used luxury cars in Unionville, or give us a call (or text or email) to chat about car safety.

Make The Gift A Test Drive

You don’t need to do the big reveal on Christmas day. Of course, it’s more dramatic that way, but if you want to make sure that the car you’re buying is a good fit for your teen, why not make the present a test drive, with the intent of buying them the car. They’ll be equally as thrilled, and you’ll get the peace of mind knowing that they can handle the particular car you had in mind. We can even come to you, to make it more of a surprise! We offer mobile test drives, so we can absolutely come meet you at your house to do the test drive.

Give Them A Talk About Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay is awesome. It pretty much transposes your iPhone onto your car’s built-in display, the point being that it makes it less distracting. That’s not always the case, however, and having a talk about how to use CarPlay properly (at stoplights or when parked), or disabling it altogether, can help a new driver stay safer on the roads.

Look Into The Accutracking App

If you’re really worried about their safety – which is totally understandable, given that they’re new to driving and you care about their wellbeing – you can download the Accutracking app, which for a nominal monthly fee allows you to track where they are in the car, and even what speed they’re going.

Come speak to us about the different ways you can finance a used luxury car with Village Luxury Cars, and we’ll ensure that you get a financing option that fits your budget. Giving your kid their first car is a very big deal – we absolutely know that– and you want to balance what’s best for them with something they’ll really love. It’s entirely possible. Give your kid the gift of a safe luxury car this Christmas and they’ll be singing Joy to the World all day (so don’t expect a “silent night”!)