Reviewing Popular Luxury SUVs: Audi Q Series, Mercedes GLK, & BMW X Series

There’s an outdated image of car buying that exists which seems to insinuate that having a family means buying a boring car. You’ve undoubtedly heard the terms “mom wagon” or “soccer mom van,” but why should car buyers feel limited to cars they don’t want to have just because they need more space and/or have kids? Fortunately there are a number of highly rated luxury SUVs available for sale that break the mold.

SUVs from the likes of Audi, Mercedes, and BMW prove that you can have all the bells and whistles of a foreign luxury sedan, in the body style of an SUV that can conquer Canadian winters and get the family around town with ease. The only question now is; which one’s the best? Read on to get a brief review of the Audi Q Series, BMW X Series, and Mercedes GLK.

The Case for the Audi Q Series


If you’re looking for a popular luxury SUV to buy, the Audi Q Series is where you should start looking. The Audi Q3 and Q5 are riding high courtesy of newfound love for the Audi brand in the luxury crossover and SUV segment. The vehicles come with a six-cylinder engine or optional turbo-four if you’re looking for performance and efficiency in one package.

Audi Q Series vehicles bring all of the luxury appeal you expect from a foreign luxury brand, such as an upscale interior, infotainment system standard, all-wheel drive, and crisp handling. When it comes to your average fuel consumption, you’ll feel best with the Q Series which boasts average MPGs of 20 City/28 HWY, depending upon the engine options you select. The primary downsides come from the infotainment system and the ride. The infotainment in the Q Series has been a source of complaints among drivers as it can be difficult to use, and though the ride is the best in the segment, the Audi Q Series is still a bit firm at times.

The Case for the Mercedes GLK


As of the 2014 Mercedes GLK release, this relative newcomer has engine updates that make it among the more fuel-efficient luxury SUVs on the road. The average gas mileage stands at 19 City/33 HWY with the BlueTEC 4Matic technology delivering the exceptional fuel economy in the Mercedes GLK series. The interior cabin is wrapped in luxury from front to back, but there are downsides that might put off some drivers and families.

First and foremost, unlike the Q Series and BMW X Series, the Mercedes GLK has rear-wheel drive standard. Though not the end of the world during summer driving, especially given it delivers performance and speed, the RWD is a drawback for winter roads in North America. Second, the GLK has a tight rear seat that makes it less-than-ideal for families.

The Case for the BMW X Series


BMW was the first to take advantage of the demand for crossover SUVs in the luxury SUV market. The X5 and X3 have been popular vehicles since their introduction, but how do they stack up against the Audi Q Series and Mercedes GLK? Well, if you’re looking for the best combination of fuel efficiency and sporty performance, the BMW X Series is what you should be shopping for in the luxury SUV segment. The X Series vehicles have Intercooled Turbo Premium Unleaded I-4 engines that deliver MPG ratings of 19 City/28 HWY.

The punchy engines in the X Series from BMW combine poised handling and a fun drive with the most spacious cabins and cargo holds in the market, making them an ideal choice for families. If you’re looking for the perfect car, keep in mind you won’t find one that ticks all the boxes. For all the performance benefits of the BMW X series engines, the ride can be stiff at times.

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