How To Take Care Of Your Car (And Yourself) This Winter

Winter isn’t perhaps the motorist’s favourite season, as the roads are slick and salty, and the days are frustratingly short. The cold weather, too, can take its toll on a car, from the coolant to the oil, so special care needs to be taken.

You’ve gone through the whole process of buying a car (having come by Village Luxury Cars and finding your dream automobile, obviously) so you want to make sure it’s protected against the chillier months. You also want to make sure that you stay safe out there, so with that in mind we’ll look at a few thing you can do to counteract the effects of old man winter.

Your safety is first and foremost. If you don’t already have one, look into packing an emergency kit (and if you do already have one, ask yourself what other items it could use). An emergency kit can include a wide variety of things, but common items include spare batteries, a flashlight, a windshield scraper, matches, emergency flares, a blanket and a first aid kit. You’re packing for a worst-case scenario here, so don’t be reticent to overdo it. It’s a good idea, as well, to pack some food items like granola or energy bars, juice boxes and the like – anything to give you a hit of energy should you find yourself stranded in the cold.

Another safety precaution (for both yourself and your car) would be to get winter tires. Even if you have all-wheel-drive, you still need the right kind of rubber to properly winterize a tire. Winter tires sport a softer rubber than summer tires, allowing the tire to conform better to the road; summer tires, on the other hand, get even more rigid in the cold, making them liable to skid and slide. You’ll also want to check tire pressure fairly regularly in the winter months, as the cold weather causes the air in tires to contract, reducing the volume and pressure. Since underinflated tires lag at braking – and since braking is very important in winter weather – staying on top of your tire pressure is a must.

Want to avoid the hassle of shopping for winter tires for your new vehicle? We can help with that, too. Just ask us!

And guess what else the cold weather likes to mess around with – oil. That’s right, even in the finest luxury used cars on the market, the oil remains the same. When motor oil drops in temperature, it becomes thicker. That viscosity can make the oil flow slowly in the engine, causing it to overheat the engine. Find out, from the owner’s manual (or usually right on your oil cap) what type of motor oil is best for your car. Then ensure to have your oil checked/changed by a professional.

Finally, if you’re familiar with winters here in Unionville and the greater GTA, you know that it’s salt central. And you’re probably also aware that salt causes a car to rust, and that rust is the kryptonite of a car. But again, there’s a way to counteract winter’s annoyance. Treat your car with wax before the worst of winter hits (though it’s never too late), washing it every so often to make sure any particularly salty puddle splashes don’t linger on the car’s body. It might be worth it as an extra precaution to have an auto body shop salt-proof the car’s undercarriage. Again, you’ve got this lovely luxury car – you want to take good care of it.

Of course, if you’re driving around a very old car, it might be time to upgrade; we take trade-ins here at Village Luxury Cars, and offer market-leading prices as part of our ongoing policy to offer the best buying experience. Either way, stay safe on the roads this winter and take care of your beautiful car.