How to purchase your next car - part 2

As you’ve been working on your search for your next car, I’m sure you have been online checking out dealerships, looking at pricing, comparing and maybe even reading some reviews or have talked to some friends to see if they know anyone in the car business.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, your first step is likely going to be sending out some “Feelers”. Maybe this is in the form of an email, asking about a certain car, or perhaps a direct call.

Here is where it can be tricky. As a consumer who is already slightly apprehensive about what to buy, (after all it is a big purchase) you may not always feel comfortable dealing with someone you don’t know. Perhaps you just send an email with your name wondering if a car is available and feel safe because if the dealership doesn’t know you, they can’t sell you something you don’t want. But what you need to remember is that there is always a flip side. As a dealership, one of the biggest things we take pride in is our customer service. The way we achieve this is by understanding what you the customer are truly looking for and how we can really help you get the vehicle that is right for you. I can’t tell you how many times we see customers come into the dealership looking for one car and deciding that it isn’t for them and leave with something completely different. So, why does that happen? Well, one thing that we do to help all of our customers is a needs and a wants assessment. Sometimes what you want, isn’t always what you need. This is why we provide you with options.

The last thing we want is you to purchase something you aren’t happy with.

So you’ve sent out some emails, made some phone calls, now you should have a good idea who you’re going to set up an appointment with. Who answered your calls and answered all your questions? Who promptly returned your emails? At Village Luxury Cars we personalize all of our email responses by Video Email. This way our customers can easily put a face and voice to the name.

This should also give you a good impression of how the dealership is run.