Exciting news for the Toronto Autoshow

Being a “gearhead” I’m forever searching for news and insight in the automotive world. Finding what’s old and what’s new in the car industry.

Today in my search I came across an exciting article. I’ll let you have a read.

Originally By Brian Harper

Fans of Porsche, the automaker known for its motorsport history and its very fast sports cars and sport-utes, will be pleased to hear it is returning to the Canadian International AutoShow (CIAS) after a six-year absence. And the reason is as much due to the lasting effects of the global market downturn several years ago as it is due to the arrival of the company’s newest SUV, the compact-sized Macan.

In 2008, just as Porsche Cars Canada was formed as an independent subsidiary, the worldwide financial crisis hit, affecting every auto manufacturer. With sales down, budgets became tighter, explains Laurance Yap, director of marketing at Porsche Canada. The company made a decision to pare down its participation at major auto shows — including such highly publicized events in Detroit and Tokyo — and focus on “more targeted communication, events where people could drive cars and we could talk more closely to a more highly qualified group of buyers.”

Although Porsche Canada had been having discussions with CIAS organizers to return to the show as early as 2010, once the adjoining Rogers Centre was dropped as part of the venue, there simply wasn’t suitable space available in the North and South buildings of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Yap says.

“If we were going to go back in, we wanted a prominent space to show off our line,” says Yap. “And [the show organizers] were only able to offer us a space in the Auto Exotica area, which was great for our sports cars, but our volume model is the Cayenne. Half of our sales are from an SUV.… They didn’t have a space big enough to accommodate our ambitions. So we just kept the lines of communications open.”

The primary factor that enabled Porsche Canada to return to the CIAS for the 2014 show was Suzuki pulling out of the Canadian auto market. “Their departure left the auto show with a space large enough and prominent enough for our needs,” says Yap.

That, combined with the fact the Macan is launching this year, he adds.

Yap says Porsche Canada is still very focused on creating more intimate events where the company can talk to qualified buyers one on one. That said, when the Macan arrives at dealerships late this spring, “it’s not going to be a challenge for us the first year [to sell] as many as we can get our hands on. But we really feel we need to create awareness for this car because, ultimately, it’s going to be our Number One selling vehicle in arguably the … fastest growing segment (compact SUVs).

“So, to not be there with the Macan just didn’t make sense. That, combined with the auto show having enough space for us to do things properly, is kind of a no-brainer.”

If you’re a Porsche fan – Which I am, I’m sure you’re excited to have a look at this new compact SUV. I can’t wait for the first one to hit our lot!