Canada’s Top Selling Luxury Cars in 2013

As the New Year approaches, Village Luxury Cars in Unionville looks back on the top selling luxury cars of 2013. Of the most recently collected information, November 2013 popular luxury cars shows BMW being on top.

  1. BMW’s most popular models of the past month include the 3-series (#1 best-selling luxury car in November) and the X5 (#2). With 11,849 3-series sold and 4180 X5’s sold YTD, the BMW brand offered the top two best-selling luxury cars in Canada in November 2013. BMW recently released images of the next-generation M3. The coupe version, naturally named the M4.
  2. Mercedes-Benz comes in as the second most popular brand with the third highest ranked sales of November 2013 with the C-Class. Although sales of the C-Class are slightly down from 2012, the in-demand model continues to rank at the top.
  3. The Audi Q5 claims the fourth most sold luxury vehicle in November 2013, up 23.9% from last year in YTD sales.
  4. Lexus RX is the fifth most sold luxury car, helping Lexus take up 9.6% of the luxury car market share in Canada this past November.
  5. The Audi RDX and MDX round out the top selling ranks, holding the #6 and #7 most sold luxury cars in Canada in November. The two popular models offered Audi 11.9% of the luxury car market share.

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