BMW M3 vs. Mercedes-AMG C 63: Which One’s Right for You?

There are a handful of auto manufacturers that have established a brand presence with the top luxury cars on the market. Almost every automaker in the world offers sedans with luxurious appointments and powerful performance, but only a select few start their basic cars as luxury models and build on the power, style, and interior features right from the get go.

As you compare the best luxury cars on the market today, you might find your choices narrowed down to the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C 63. The only question now is, which one suits you best? We share our comparison with you (Recent model years: 2016-2017) in this blog post.


One of the features the sets the best luxury cars apart from other standard sedan models on the road today is not found on the interior, but rather under the hood. If your primary interest in a top luxury car is to have something that is bold, powerful, and responsive, both the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C 63 are here to answer the bell.

The Mercedes just edges out the BMW if bold, powerful performance is exactly what you’re looking for in a luxury car. It moves fast out of lights with smooth power from 3,000 up to 5,000 RPMs, but its powerful force doesn’t slow down a bit or stammer as you push through to 7,000 RPMs either.

M3s do come with an engine that is 1,000 CC smaller and lacks two cylinders compared to the Mercedes, but at its top end the BMW performs just as admirably as the Mercedes, if not just a little bit more. The BMW M3 starts slower when you pound the peddle and finishes harder. However, the Mercedes delivers robust power throughout and a much more intimidating sound beneath the hood from the V8 compared to the BMW’s inline-6.

The Feel of the Road

Both vehicles have the power, and to be sure, they both offer a strong and smooth ride. When it comes to rough roads though, the M3 might have a slight edge in the competition. On smooth surfaces, the Mercedes puts its power to use to dominate freeway drives. When you find yourself on quieter roads with subtle, deceptive turns, it’s the M3 that takes over.

On these side streets and winding roads, you tend to feel more of the bumps in the Mercedes and seem to have less of a grip for the road. The BMW meanwhile has stiffer springs and can absorb the bumps and potholes better. Furthermore, it has more grip and greater agility for an all-around quitter, more comfortable ride in this particular situation. In the end, there’s a time and place for each of these top luxury cars.

Interior and Exterior Feel

Both Mercedes and BMW have a reputation for fielding beautiful lines and elegant styles in the exterior appearance of their cars, even if each respective body style appeals to a different field. The Mercedes is a classic, elegant luxury car while the BMW is a hybrid combination of style and class with edgy performance. So, what about that which lies beneath the skin on the interior?

And, the story is effectively the same on the interior.

The Mercedes offers a more elegant and refined interior, with a smart, sophisticated array of instruments and features on the dash. While the Mercedes also offers more rear legroom and a well put-together cabin, the BMW has a slight edge when it comes to that luxury look and feel.

The BMW M3 has a racier look and feel to the cabin, such as a three-spoke steering wheel and seats with integrated hand rests. At the same time, it has more supportive and comfortable rear seats.

As with so many other top luxury cars on the market, a comparison of the BMW M3 and Mercedes-AMG C 63 comes down to personal style.

If you want the model with the all-around enjoyable ride and a classic, elegant look, the Mercedes could very well be the car for you. For the sporty, yet sophisticated driver, the BMW could be the top choice.

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