BMW 1 Series Review

Insert the key fob, punch the starter and the inline six quickly settles into a smooth, baritone idle. The 135i’s aural signature is understated, quiet even, when at a gentle cruise. From the driver’s seat, the 135i handles urban roads with aplomb. The abundance of low-down torque enables effortlessly smooth takeoffs from stoplights and the suspension is superb. Damper valuing errs on the firm side, but manages to produce an almost perfect mix of dynamic control and compliance.

The centerpiece of the 135i is BMW’s award-winning twin-turbocharged inline six, which also propels the 335i and Z4 sDrive35i

Displacing three litres and equipped with direct injection and variable timing for both the inlet and exhaust valves, the all-alloy six produces 225kW and 400Nm. Peak torque is available from just 1300rpm all the way to 5000rpm, and maximum power is on tap at 5800rpm. Both turbos operate in parallel rather than sequentially, and power delivery is remarkably smooth. The engine redlines at 7000rpm, but all of the twin-turbo six’s power is available well before the tachometer tops out.

BMW’s official fuel economy claim for the 135i stands at 9.2 l/100km and, despite our vigorous driving techniques, we saw an average figure of 10.6 l/100km displayed on the trip computer. It’s a good result for a three-litre turbocharged performance engine, and one that has in-part been achieved through the introduction of select EfficientDynamics technologies to the 135i.

Regenerative braking is used to top up the battery, reducing load on the alternator and cutting fuel-wasting drag on the engine.A gearshift prompt in the instrument panel of manual-equipped cars tells the driver which gear to be in to maximize fuel economy. It’s a small addition, but following the prompts yields surprisingly frugal fuel consumption.After driving this car, I immediately wanted to get back in it, I’m sure you’ll have that feeling to. There is just something about this BMW’s character that keeps you wanting more! Come check it out for yourself!