Audi A5 vs Mercedes C-Class Coupe vs BMW 4 Series vs Lexus RC: Which One’s Right for You?

The top luxury cars in the world come in many shapes and sizes, and that includes coupe models. Many of the best luxury cars in the world are available in coupe models, including Audi A5, Mercedes C-Class, BMW 4 Series, and the Lexus RC (Recent model years: 2016-2017).

You know these brands and their reputations, but how do they stack up against one another in terms of unique offerings?


If you’re looking for the top-of-the-line setup on infotainment, the BMW 4 Series coupe or Audi A5 should be your first pick. Both models come standard with big, crisp infotainment screens that are easy to navigate and simple to interact with.

The Mercedes C-Class coupe is equally impressive, but to match the features of the other two German models you’ll have to buy an upgraded interior infotainment package.

The Lexus RC has all the same bells and whistles on infotainment, with only two differences. The screen is smaller and the touchpad it uses can make navigation a bit tricky.

Exterior Design

The Audi A5 has the standard look that many have come to expect from Audi luxury cars, and in the case of this comparison that puts it behind the others.

The Mercedes C-Class coupe is undoubtedly the top luxury car in terms of its sleek, refined exterior design.

Meanwhile, the BMW 4 Series brings their typical, edgy look you expect from the German automaker.

The Lexus RC could be regarded as having the boldest (and most “boyish”) design of the bunch. Lexus really wanted to make a race-inspired statement of performance with the RC.

Cabin Structure

Moving to the inside of these vehicles, there’s a sharp reversal in fortunes for the Lexus RC. It has perhaps the most refined feel in the class with quality materials used across sleek, clean lines.

The BMW 4 Series has a basic within the cabin (the dash & center console specifically) feel when compared to the Audi A5, Lexus, and Mercedes C-Class in this group.

With the C-Class, it is undoubtedly the most refined and comfortable in the group. The Mercedes coupe has special seats used only in the Mercedes C-Class coupe models that sit lower and are more comfortable, enhancing the feel of your ride.

The Audi A5 is right up there with the Mercedes, matching its comfort and material quality on the interior seats and surfaces.

How Do They Handle?

Most drivers purchase a coupe for the way they handle on the road, so let’s get down to business comparing the handling and performance of the Audi A5, Mercedes C-Class coupe, BMW 4 Series, and the Lexus RC.

The Lexus comes in as the middle of the road option in this group. It won’t knock your socks off when you punch the gas and has poor visibility out its rear windows, but you’ll still get 50 MPG despite the lack of a diesel option that could improve overall performance.

The BMW has great visibility and an 8-speed automatic transmission that glides from one gear to the next with ease, but it can be louder to drive and without the automatic suspension it’s not quite as fun either.

Mercedes C-Class coupes have a quiet, comfortable ride and solid performance, but it still falls behind the BMW in terms of a sporty feel. The car seems to just glide across the roadways, and probably comes out ahead in the group, and offers 57 MPG on freeways.

The Audi A5 handles well and offers great visibility, but it doesn’t have an air suspension system and doesn’t offer as much joy behind the wheel. However, it’s smooth and quiet, and offers 50 MPG.

Are They Practical?

Few people expect a coupe to be practical when it comes to interior spaces, but it’s worth comparing nonetheless. The BMW is a clear-cut winner in terms of practicality. Its bigger doors make it easy to get child seats or people into the back. The rear seat actually accommodates two adults, and the trunk is large enough to reasonable carry items and is expandable with the fold-flat rear seats.

The Lexus has the smallest trunk, little space for adults in the rear seat, but does accommodate child seats.

The rear seats of the Mercedes C-Class are the smallest, and while difficult to load child seats it is still doable with relative ease.

The Audi A5 has the largest and best designed trunk in the group, capable of hauling the most in this class of luxury coupes. Child seats and entry are easy, but like many other top luxury cars in this segment it is disappointing in terms of seating space for adults.

Still Considering? Let us help you see one in person!

At the end of the day, the top luxury car in the coupe segment is the one that suits your lifestyle and feature preferences in an automobile.

So, we always recommend our customers sit in the vehicle, get more information about it’s history and condition, ask us questions and pick the payment scenario that makes the most sense.

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