An In-Depth Review of the Mercedes C63

Mercedes unleashed a beast of an engine when it introduced the C63 sedan in 2008. The first C63s hit the road with an impressive 451 HP, 6.2L V8 engine under the hood that delivered the perfect combination of Mercedes class on the inside and power from the engine that had car enthusiasts swooning. The Mercedes C63 sedan immediately jumped into the race among other luxury sedans as a potential must-have vehicle, but Mercedes allowed the model to stagnate from 2008 to 2010.

If you’re in the market right now for a luxury sedan and the Mercedes C63 has crossed your radar, it’s time to take a deeper look at this vehicle and understand the vital changes that have taken place since 2011 before you drive your new or used C63 off the lot.

Much-Needed Changes Arrived in 2011

Starting in 2011 and debuting on the 2012 models, Mercedes brought updates to the C63 that were much needed after a few years. Between 2008 and 2011, only minor updates and changes were made to the C63 such as better integration with iPods, newly designed mirrors, and a rearview backup camera with better functionality. For 2012 though, Mercedes rolled out a complete facelift inside and out.

On the exterior, the vehicle now boasted a new headlight design and front bumper that gave it a sleek appearance that softened the more imposing appearance of its predecessor models. The rear didn’t change as much, but new LED lights were integrated and a different rear diffuser. On the inside, there was a new, larger in-dash display with new dashboard, steering wheel, and color options. The biggest change, and most popular, was the new 7-Speed MCT transmission that delivered semi-automatic transmission without a torque converter and wet clutch, improving shifts to dual clutch to speeds of 100 milliseconds.

There was one more change of note starting in 2012. Mercedes introduced a C63 Coupe. Now drivers had the choice between a family-friendly, performance-inspired sedan or the raw power and sleek style of a coupe.

Want Power? You’ll Get it!

The Mercedes C63 sedan is an excellent choice for any car buyer who dreams of dominating the road but also has kids to shuttle to hockey practice and school each week. The C63 sedan is a great family vehicle with plenty of seating and a stylish interior that delivers space for the family without sacrificing on luxury quality and style. As the driver, you’re immersed in a stunning cockpit designed to keep you comfortable behind the wheel and give you a little joy with its aggressively tuned chassis and incredible performance.

Best of all, you don’t have to buy a gas-guzzling muscle car with no room for the kids or settle for driving a larger, clunkier sedan.

The Mercedes C-Class sedans are built with modest size in mind, while still offering plenty of storage and seating room. Finally, the Mercedes C63 still offers a V8 engine in a segment dominated by V6s and has all the features you expect in a Mercedes, such as active cruise control for added safety on those long drives.

Don’t forget, the C63 Coupe is out there and waiting as well. If you want all the power, performance, and luxury of the C63 sedan and don’t need the exterior interior space, the Mercedes C63 Coupe is a driver’s delight.

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