A Step-By-Step Guide To Buying A Luxury Vehicle

Buying a car is unlike most other purchases in that it requires some forethought, research, self-assessment, and (oftentimes) help from financial services in order to complete properly. It can all feel like a rush of events: you become enamored with a car and then you go through the motions to obtain it. It should be a fairly sectioned sequence of events, though, with proper thought and care given to each step – this ensures that you’re paying the correct monthly payments for your lifestyle, and that you are driving the best possible car you can afford. To that end, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide (by no means exhaustive, but certainly helpful) to buying a used luxury car.

Assessing Your Finances

Whether this is your first car, or your 21st car, you need to start by taking a good long look at your finances. It’s not as though bad credit or a lack of down payment funds should stop you from pursuing your dream luxury car – at Village Luxury Cars our finance professionals will help you secure a great loan (more on that later) – but setting some honest parameters upfront might help you with further decisions.


There is no single car that is perfect for everyone, and part of the process of buying a used luxury car is setting your personal priorities. Do you value speed and sleekness? Safety and dependability? Spaciousness? Mileage? There are no right or wrong answers here, only personal preferences, and it might benefit you to write down, in descending order, a list of qualities you want to see in your car.

Test Drive

Next is the meet-and-greet, so to speak – the moment when you find out if the car you’ve chosen “clicks” with you. Luckily, we make this step of the process dead simple, as you can either come meet our team in Unionville for the test drive, or we can bring the car to you for a mobile test drive. When you are taking the car around, take note of how it handles – how it brakes, turns, accelerates, etc. – as well as whether the interior features fit your personal needs, in terms of spaciousness and technological capability. The vehicles we offer are all of stellar quality, so this should be more of a formality, but it’s certainly an important thing to do, in order to get exactly the car you want.


At Village Luxury Cars, we take a lot of pride in how flexible, superior and affordable our available financial services are, and our finance experts will work with you to get a great loan regardless of credit or financial standing. We always aim for the absolute lowest interest rate possible for a loan, so you know that you’re getting the best car for the best deal. This is a key step in the car-buying process, and it needs to be handled with the utmost professionalism and openness, two things that we at Village Luxury Cars take very seriously.


A lot of people don’t know that they can buy used car extended warranty, but they absolutely can, and, in fact, it’s recommended. You don’t want to get caught paying for out-of-warranty repairs on your used luxury car – talk to us about an extended warranty for your vehicle, and add peace of mind to your new purchase.

Some parting words that we’ll finish this post with are these: you can probably afford a better car than you imagine you can. With some self-assessment, some research, and a chat with our knowledgeable representatives and finance experts, you’ll make the process of getting that amazing luxury car so much easier.