4 Ways Used Cars Outshine New Ones

Buying a car is an event. It’s one that comes along, on average, only once every six or seven years – less frequently, even, than the Olympics – so it’s no wonder that people take the event seriously. And one of the key considerations that people are faced with, aside from choosing a make and model, is whether to buy their vehicle new or used. Certainly, there are some who are firmly in the “new” camp, and will cite the pleasure of driving a hot-off-the-line vehicle as justification enough, but those people likely haven’t driven the right used cars.

At Village Luxury Cars, we don’t just “safety” a vehicle and put it on display; each of our luxury used cars goes through a safety inspection as well as a full reconditioning, including interior and exterior detailing, cleaning and servicing to factory specs. It’s essentially the closest a car can come to hot-off-the-line without bearing that enormous price tag that accompanies new cars. So the matter is settled, then? Used cars like the kind we sell are better than new ones? Well, yes, that could settle the matter alone, but let’s also look at four more ways that used cars outshine their new counterparts.

Slower Depreciation

Depreciation works like this: you see a steep decline in value at first, and then the rate of depreciation slows down. When you buy a used car, you catch the depreciation in that ideal, slow period, meaning that if you wanted to sell it at some point in the future, you’d make back a much better percentage of the cost than the new car owner would. Viewing car ownership as an investment as well as a convenience (which you should), used cars have the clear advantage here.

Greater Selection Of Vehicles

Not every year is a banner year for vehicles. Some years a car manufacturer will include certain features, and other years it won’t. If you want access to the fuller breadth of what’s possible in a vehicle, you can’t tie yourself down to what is being made this year, and instead should research past years’ models as well. Whereas a new car dealership might have a small selection of vehicles, at Village Luxury Cars we have a huge selection of used cars to offer, with models to fit every lifestyle and budget.

Less Expensive, But Just As Good

Obviously, this is the main reason people love buying used cars: they are less expensive. Often, people therefore assume that the drop in price corresponds to a drop in quality, but it doesn’t; a used luxury car, especially one that has been put through our rigorous reconditioning, will perform just as well a new car. If you’re still skeptical, give us a call and book a test drive. Kick the tires and inspect the carpeting. See how it handles. You’d be hard-pressed to tell it from a new car.

Lower Insurance Cost

Of course, with the lower cost of the vehicle comes a lower cost of insurance, which is the other main cost associated with car ownership. And the difference in monthly insurance costs adds up over time, trust us. If you want a luxury car, but you don’t want to pay a premium for insurance, go for a used vehicle, and use that free cash flow elsewhere.

It’s enough to say that, at Village Luxury Cars, we offer used vehicles that have been reconditioned to drive like new, for market leading prices. But in case you’re still unsure, we hope these four points will help convince you that, when the time comes to get behind the wheel of a new luxury car, you’ll drive past the new car dealership and onto our lot.