4 Things To Consider When You Take A Test Drive

Buying a car can be one of the most exciting things imaginable. But because of how long that vehicle is going to remain in your life, you want to know that it’s the perfect fit.

That’s why it’s so important to test drive your car properly, taking into consideration not only the objective pros and cons of the car, but also how it jives with you personally. Village Luxury Cars is unique in that it’s the only luxury car dealership in Unionville that allows you to test-drive remotely – we bring the car to you. We do this because we understand how important test-driving is, and are dedicated to seeing you in a car that you love. Here are some of the key questions to ask yourself as you test drive that used luxury car you’ve been eyeing.

What Condition Is The Exterior In?

The first thing you’ll do when you meet your potential new car is check out the exterior. This process is dual-purpose: on the one hand, you’re checking for any dents and scratches (though here at Village Luxury Cars we’re incredibly fussy about offering pristineness and being upfront). On the other hand – it may seem trivial to say – you’re looking at the general aesthetics. Is this a car you find appealing? Is this a car you’ll be proud to step out of? Personal tastes vary, and you have to honestly ask yourself if this car, to using the parlance of dating, is your type.

Does The Interior Fit Your Particular Needs?

This one is also both objective and subjective, though it’s mostly the latter. For many, a two-door sports car with little in the way of trunk space is just fine for their lifestyle. But it begs consideration: are you the kind of person who does big family grocery shops and needs five seats and trunk space? Look around for features that might get frustrating after a while, like an odd seatbelt or a too-small cup holder. Perhaps you’re someone who values comfort – ask yourself whether the upholstery feels good, and whether the seats heat the way you like them to. These are things you can afford to question, because, after all, you want to the perfect vehicle.

Does The Infotainment System Work For You?

In other words, does it make intuitive sense? Test out some of the navigation features, as well as the sound system and whatever other bells and whistles there are. Check if it supports your phone, and – if this is important to you – whether it has Bluetooth capability. A lot of luxury cars come equipped with good infotainment systems these days, and if you check out our featured deals you’ll find many that have exceptional features.

How Does It Handle?

You’re finally ready to drive this thing. Take it slow at first – it’s an unfamiliar car. Get to know the handling, how it accelerates, how it turns, how it brakes. It might not feel correct right off the bat, especially if you’re used to driving only one other car, but you can reasonably judge whether this is a car you can see becoming familiar with.

These are just a few considerations to have floating in the back of your head as you test drive one of our used luxury cars. As always, you can contact us anytime if you have specific questions about the car you’re interested in. The right car for you is out there – it’s just a matter of taking it for a spin!