4 Safety Features To Look For When Buying A Luxury Car

Although the weather may be teasing us with a warm day here and there, we’re still firmly in the midst of winter, a season that serves as a continued reminder about the importance of vehicle safety. Regardless of whether you’re looking for an SUV for your family, a hatchback for your teenager, or simply a sedan for yourself, you should always consider safety. Luckily, luxury cars deliver substantially in this department (as well as most other departments, like handling, engine power and infotainment), and you’ll typically find luxury brand models at the top of the safety pick list.

But safety isn’t a homogenous term, when it comes to cars – there are a lot of different features that go into making a car safe, and if you’re looking for used luxury cars in Toronto and the surrounding GTA, it’s beneficial to know about a few key safety features. A single car doesn’t necessarily need to have every one of these features (though most will), but we at Village Luxury Cars think that it’s important for consumers to be well informed. With that in mind, here are four safety features you can look out for when buying a used luxury car.

Multiple Airbags

The more airbags a car has, the better protected its occupants will be in the event of a collision. Aside from the standard dual front impact airbags, which have been mandatory on all US cars since the 1980s (though not up here in Canada), look for side airbags, knee airbags, an overhead airbag and occupant sensing airbag. That’s a lot to look for, and don’t be surprised If the car you’re after doesn’t have every single one of them, but many luxury cars do make a point of having most of these options – and where airbags are concerned, the more the merrier.

Electronic Stability Control

This feature – ESC, for short – is beginning to be mandated by a number of different countries, for good reason: ESC detects and reduces skidding by automatically employing a hydraulic modulator to each wheel to receive the correct amount of braking. Born out of the anti-lock braking system (and actually utilizing ABS in its function) ESC is another way to keep your car safe on the road, regardless of the season.

Adaptive Cruise Control

If you’re looking for a luxury car for long drives, talk to your luxury used car dealership here in Unionville about adaptive cruise control (ACC). Essentially, ACC is cruise control that is able to regulate your car’s speed based on how close you are to the car ahead of you. This allows you to maintain a safe distance, avoiding unnecessary collisions while using your cruise control. A relatively recent development, expect it to gain popularity as time goes on.

Backup Camera

These cameras have been a feature of luxury cars for some years now, but with each passing year they seem to get clearer, offering drivers a better understanding of what’s behind them as they back out of a parking spot. Seeing as backing out of parking lots accounts for a hefty percentage of accidents and insurance claims, this feature is a great way to protect your investment, and yourself. If you’re looking to upgrade to a car with a backup camera, or one with any of these safety features, we take trade ins across Toronto to make the process easier.

At the end of the day, you can be the safest driver in the world, but there’s no guaranteeing that those with whom you share the road are as safe. Because of that, looking into these safety features for your next used luxury car is a good idea.