4 Of The Finest Luxury Infotainment Systems

An infotainment system is one of those car features that has become pretty indispensible over the past decade, as technology continues to advance and as people continue to become more and more connected. Broadly, what makes a good infotainment system is the ability to combine all the comfort in a car – whether that’s music, media, temperature, connectivity or even something as basic as a good navigation system. Everything that improves the quality of the drive inside the car, in a compact, user-friendly system: that’s good infotainment.

Driving can be stressful, something we at Village Luxury Cars understand. You might be taking your kids on an out-of-town trip, and want to maintain a little peace and quiet in the vehicle; you might be trying to get somewhere unfamiliar, and require reliable navigation; or you might just need to find a decent radio station to make it through traffic on the 404 – with these 4 fine luxury infotainment systems, you’ll be able to do that easily, intuitively and efficiently.

BMW iDrive

Around since 2001, BMW’s iDrive has matured significantly in the intervening years, but they’ve kept the “’knob and button” controller, as opposed to a touch screen. Although integrated with Apple CarPlay, BMW offers its own app, BMW Connected, which allows you to connect with your car remotely through your cell phone, lock or unlock the doors, set the temperature, send destinations to iDrive’s navigation system and find your car (just in case you forgot where you parked!).

Mercedes-Benz COMAND

Short for “Cockpit Management and Data System”, Mercedes’ COMAND allows you to zoom, swipe and scroll your way through its high res display, selecting music for its premium audio system or heating your seats. What the COMAND offers, and what size display screen it comes with, are dependent on what class and model you get – many of which you can find in our inventory of used luxury cars – but they all come integrated with either Apple CarPlay or Android Auto (or both). With COMAND Online, you’re able to receive real-time traffic notifications, with the navigation system updating and optimizing routes for you as you drive.

Audi MMI

Audi’s MMI (Multi-Media Interface) offers voice controls, in-car 4G LTE and WIFI, remote services for Apple Watches and smartphones, as well as a host of other fun features. It’s easy to use (compared to the previous three), responsive and aesthetically pleasing. Again, the infotainment system changes according the class and model of the vehicle, with displays ranging from 5.3 inches (on the small end, admittedly), to 8 inches. Even higher end models are made more affordable, however, when you apply for financing through our expert finance department, which can help you get approved regardless of your financial standing. Functions available on all or some of the MMIs are a rear-view camera with parking sensors, climate control, tire-pressure information and telephone.

Cadillac CUE

This “Cadillac User Experience” system offers a bold, if fairly standard, tagline: “The future is here. And it’s effortless”. It’s true that Cadillac has taken care to make their in-car entertainment system user-friendly, paring down the buttons and controls in favour of more streamlined experience. Its sophisticated voice recognition allows you to rattle off commands, like who to call or what destination to locate, while you keep your eyes on the road, making it a wonderfully safe alternative.

The world is clipping along at a rapid pace, with new technologies and ways of staying connected changing with each passing year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to make use of every new function that an infotainment system offers. If you’re someone who values music, you can be happy knowing that the used car you’re buying offers great options for playing music. If you have difficulty with directions (many of us do!), you can be rest assured knowing that your next used luxury car will have a sophisticated navigation system. After all, it’s the small technological progresses that make it such an exciting time to be a driver.