3 Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Luxury Car

Owning a luxury car doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. For many, it is assumed that the cost of a luxury car is going to put that dream well beyond reach, but the reality is that affordable financing and low prices for entry-level luxury models has made it easier than ever to get into the luxury car you’ve always wanted. Before you run off to the dealership to hunt one down though, consider these three factors that will impact your shopping.


Everyone is concerned about the cost of a car, whether you’re buying a small Ford sedan or sliding into the comfort of a BMW, Audi, or Mercedes-Benz. Even though you’re shopping for the best luxury cars on the market, that doesn’t mean you can’t find affordable luxury cars at the same time.

Consumer Reports notes that the average entry-level compact luxury cars are priced anywhere from the low $30,000s up to roughly $60,000. At the low end of that you’ll find some of the most reliable luxury cars on the market from the brands you trust, and you’ll get the basic packages available on those cars. Conversely, at the high end of that range you’ll find the same affordable luxury cars kitted out with all the extra features that luxury manufacturer can offer.

Examples of some of the best luxury cars for the money in this range include the Acura ILX, Audi A3, and the Mercedes-Benz CLA. Each one of these models is priced in the low $30,000s, making them an extremely affordable option in addition to being one of the top luxury cars on the market.


The average manufacturer such as Ford, Chevrolet, or GMC produces cars across their range in either FWD (Front-wheel drive) or AWD (All-wheel drive). However, luxury vehicles are often manufactured offering either AWD or RWD (Rear-wheel drive). Although Acura, Audi, and Lexus are responding in the North American marketplace with more AWD options, most luxury cars still come standard with RWD.

There’s a reason for this though. Many people who own the best luxury cars on the market enjoy the speed and power of these models. FWD typically provides better traction than RWD, making it ideal for those who deal with slippery conditions throughout the winter months. AWD provides the best traction during inclement weather, better dry-pavement handling, and better cornering than FWD, but it adds weight and cost to the vehicle, and tends to drag down fuel-economy just a bit.

RWD, on the other hand, offers better handling and steering on dry roads, which is why it is a favorite among luxury auto manufacturers, particularly for use in sporty luxury vehicles.

Fuel Economy

Everyone is concerned with saving money on their cars, and with luxury cars that starts at the pump. The top luxury cars on the market today offer some of the best gas mileage figures of any car. For example, the Lexus CT200h has a hybrid engine that provides a powerful driving experience, and an average of 40 MPG. The midsized Lexus ES 300h boasts 36 MPG on average, and the diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz E250 clocks in at 30 MPG.

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